true health roots deep


empowering you to find true health and enabling you to flourish



Does the idea of health seem elusive?

Like no matter what you do to ‘get healthy’ there seems to be something missing.

It can seem scary, confusing, and chaotic; causing us to live a life less than our best.

God never intended for health to be a burden for us to carry — Jesus came to give health freely.

God’s love will empower you to love who you are, freeing you to live a healthier life with delight instead of burden.


hey there…

I’m Leigh Ann Aiken. I’m so glad your path has led you here!

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, living in Pittsburgh, PA.

I’ve made it my mission to transform the lives of courageous individuals; challenging you to examine your roots, encouraging you to open your mind and supporting you in your new healthy lifestyle - spirit, soul, and body.

You can grow with me through my blog, Instagram, newsletters and one-on-one coaching programs. You will find encouragement, truth and love as you join me on your health journey!

Kind Words


experience clarity, peace and transformation

01. Find how love and appreciation of yourself will enable you to selflessly serve others.

02. Discover connection through your spirit, thoughts, and physical bodies.

03. Use food to impact your physical body, your perspective, your daily actions and the direction of your life.