Cedar + Palm



The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon. - Psalm 92:12

The cedar of Lebanon and the palm tree symbolize strength, growth, and prosperity. They are evergreen, firmly rooted, and able to withstand the elements.


I believe in…


big smiles




core values

  • You are created perfectly on purpose for a critical mission.

  • You are called to live for a higher purpose.

  • Health is an active posture taken to love and honor all we possess and have been given, it is an act of worship.

  • Health encompasses our thoughts, physical bodies, belief system, past experiences and environment.

They [our bodies] were made for the Lord, and the Lord cares for our bodies.
— 1 Corinthians 6:13b
They [our bodies] were made for the Lord, and the Lord cares for our bodies. - 1 Corinthians 6:13 b

my journey


Chances are you can find me in the kitchen. My favorite place as a child was beside my mother and her mother in the busy, chaotic kitchen that was full of love, passion and generosity. The sense of love and unity, cooking and sharing meals instilled in me a passionate love for food.

I’ve always been active and have developed a love for movement. Whether it be running, yoga, weight lifting, or dance… the energy created when we move our bodies is thrilling and brings so much happiness!

Growing up, I struggled with insecurity, believing that nagging lie that ‘Your friend, classmate, sister, neighbor, and the world is better than you and you’ll never be enough’. My love for food and exercise became a mechanism to deal with my insecurity. As a young adult, I really got into dieting and fitness - I lost weight. I was able to run faster, harder and longer. Cleaner eating made me feel lighter, energized, and focused. I was at a place physically I had striven for, but it still wasn’t enough.

I had good intentions, but the truth was - the dieting was restrictive and the exercise was excessive. I got lost in the desire to look and perform like the world says you should. It became an obsession and an idol. Emotionally and mentally nothing had changed; I still believed I wasn’t enough.

In 2015, I decided to walk with Jesus. Over time He has changed my perspectives. He loves me without conditions, without qualifications, without hesitation, regardless of anything I have done or will do (Romans 8:38-39). He created me exactly how I was born on purpose, for a purpose (Ephesians 2:10). Frankly, Jesus has turned my world upside down.

In 2016, in pursuit of that purpose, I realized my passion for food and exercise could be used for His good. I enrolled in Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach. Over the next year, deeper transformation really began to occur as I opened my heart to trust Him. I realized His love is the only thing that fulfills the need for acceptance, significance and security.

‘Health’ is not about what your body looks like, how you measure up to others, the number on a scale, or a diagnosis. Health is not limited to what we see on the outside or even on our plates, it is found when we truly love and honor what we have been given by God (mind, body, and spirit) so that our purpose is revealed and we are free to live a joyful and fulfilled life.

If you have a hunch there’s more out there than how you are feeling and living today, trust me when I say, there is. I'm thrilled to walk alongside you as we go deeper together to find it!