Carrie C.

Right away Leigh Ann dug into the emotions behind my choices to identify the root causes of why I was still struggling to get healthy. Once we identified the lies and the truths, we put together a plan of action for situations when I may be faced with challenges that would typically end in poor choices.

I don’t use food as a reward or punishment any longer. After working with Leigh Ann, when I look in the mirror I don’t see flaws, I see a valuable, beautiful person that deserves to be well!

Carrie C former C+P Client

Leigh Aiken
Katie's Words

“Leigh Ann has taken the leap both in her faith and in her career to step out into something that has brought an immense amount of joy and peace knowing that she is following the story that Jesus has written for her life. Leigh Ann has walked boldly into her calling of health and wellness, while also greatly desiring Jesus to be at the very center. 

I fully believe that Leigh Ann is going to flourish in this career and I am excited for every single person who gets to sit across from her and watch their dream become a reality as she helps them find their best self and story through health and wellness."

Katie Armbrecht MS, NCC, LPC

Leigh Aiken
Paul's Words

“I have been privileged to walk alongside Leigh Ann from the moment God put the dream of all that Cedar + Palm has become in her heart.  Watching this come together has been nothing short of miraculous!  The journey on which Cedar + Palm takes its clients is not only revolutionary in the wellness industry but extremely Biblical in its basis.  

I whole-heartedly endorse this company and its owner.  The principles I have learned have changed my life and those to whom I am closest.  The number of lives transformed by Leigh Ann and Cedar + Palm will be untold!"

Paul Hunter Campus Pastor

Leigh Aiken